Adidas Copa Mundial Review

Are you looking for a review of the Adidas Copa Mundial? Here, you will read about the pros and cons of it. Have you ever dreamed of a kind of shoe that will help you stay barefoot and give you the best comfort?

In reality, it’s not easy to find the right shoe. Still, I can say that Adidas Mundal is a complete answer to your needs that will help you feel more confident when you do your best. As to whether or not these soccer shoes are magical, I don’t know. I don’t know how they’ve been able to last for 42 years. Adidas was able to stay in the same place from one era to the next.

In 1979, these football boots were made. Finally, they made their big debut at the 1982 World Cup. Because the company took three years to make this soccer shoe, it is very important. The launch of a new boot before the World Cup used to take a long time. Now it only takes one or two months.

Why Adidas Copa Mundial?

Adidas Copa Mundial competition

Best For Wide-Foot

If you are searching for a shoe that gives you stability then you are in the right place. Adidas Copa Mundial is basically, designed for those who have wide feet. Now, if you are a narrow-footed player and think that you will not be able to experience this then you are wrong.

Narrow feet will not be the barrier in experiencing this shoe. You might have to go for the 1 or 2 sizes down. And I believe that you will find the right fit for you and enjoy this. Good luck!

Preserver Of The Predecessors

Second, old is gold. Yes, you heard it right. Actually, Adidas Copa Mundial carries its predecessor’s design so that the earlier people can feel and recall their past memory regarding this shoe. Its uniqueness as a preserver provides a nostalgic feeling to its users.


Next, the texture of the kangaroo leather feels so soft and thin. Also, it creates such a standard and classy look. After experiencing this boot do not forget to thank me because you are going to have such a premium feeling from it. Moreover, an outstanding and expensive look is created by this leather.

Exceptionally Designed Round Studs

Another most important feature is that it has round studs at its outsole which makes the player able to play playfully. Research by Adidas’ die-cut EVA midsole has coined that using these round studs the pressure can be distributed across the sole.

Heavyweight Compared To Modern Designs

However, regarding the weight, it coins that it is a little bit heavier than today’s designs. Newly designed shoes are a couple of ounces less heavy. For instance, you might not get the satisfaction of using it, if you looking for a light one.

Beneficial And Unique

Interestingly, you will find the percentage of the acceptance of this soccer shoe on the product page of Amazon. You will find how people loved it and used to it. This shoe got a bunch of praise because of its unique and beneficial features with fabulous quality and exclusive look. 

Basically, the Adidas Copa Mundial is the advanced creation of the Copa Mundial soccer cleats. It is designed with a huge number of technical advancements. Beneficial features attract athletes to wear this.


  • Suitable for wide-footed players
  • Able to hold and sustain with heavyweight
  • Designed in a vintage manner
  • The use of thin leather provides the satisfaction of feeling the ball
  • Super-premium leather


  • A little bit bulkier than the newly launched soccer cleats
  • Difficulties in finding the perfect size as it is for wide-footed basically
  • Causes trouble on a rainy day as it is not waterproof

Alternatives to be considered:

PUMA evoTouch 1 FG Soccer Cleats for Men:

 PUMA Men's Evotouch 1 FG Soccer Shoe

Do you have a narrower foot? Looking for a calf-leathered shoe? PUMA Men’s Evotouch 1 FG Soccer Shoe can satisfy you with all these. Not only these but also it has conical studs which actually gives you excellent stability.


  • Designed with comfortable ankle sock
  • Narrower
  • Designed in a modern manner
  • Conical studs

Nike Magista Obra II FG Soccer Shoes for Men:

 Nike Mens Magista Obra Ii Fg Black/Black/Total Crimson Soccer Shoes

What if you feel trouble breathing and moving back and forth? Will it not be nagging for you?

To reduce your nagging feeling I found something for you. Nike Mens Magista Obra Ii Fg offers you a light textured shoe that will comfort your breathing. The setting of the stud is a little bit different here as it has semi-round studs.


  • Light-textured
  • Easily breathable
  • Mesh-constructed
  • Harsh and semi-round studs
  • Makes sure the durability and superfitness

The magical issue is the control of the ball can be done by this multifeatured shoe both in a dry and wet environment.

Men’s Adidas Performance X 16.3 FG Football Boots:

 Adidas Performance Men's X 16.3 Fg Soccer Shoe

Imagine that you want to budget-friendly soccer shoe but do not get the proper information about it then things can be annoying to you, right? We are here to save you from every kind of annoying feeling because we are here to let you know that Adidas Performance Men’s X 16.3 Fg Soccer Shoe can be your ultimate choice.

This magical shoe can be your best choice when you have a tight budget. Synthetic has been used here to beautify this shoe. However, one thing you should remember is that its stud is not that sharp at all.


  • Cheaper
  • less-wide -footed
  • Designed with synthetic
  • Less harsh studs

Again, if budget is the main issue for you then do not miss the chance to purchase this.


In the last few words, I would like to state that I feel extremely amazed thinking this Adidas is really lucky that they are coming up with such kind of designed-shoe which launched 30 years ago. It is a matter of great fortune. Also, the classic and extraordinary features give a mind healer experience. Adidas is serving with the best quality and making your journey enjoyable.

When you are facing difficulties in finding the right pair for you, they are becoming ready with the magical pairs.


Who Should Buy The Adidas Copa Mundial?

Answer: This is one of the kinds of shoes that you need to try because of its flexibility, comfortableness, and wide fit. For instance, it is a must-try shoe so that you can experience its premium quality to get the best performance.

Do Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats Run Small Or Big?

Answer: Definitely big. Yes, it gets stretched after using quite a few times. One can easily go for the size 10.50 if he needs the sized 11.50. You will be amazed to see that it will not hurt rather will fit your foot easily.

Which Are Wider, The Adipures Or The Copas?

Answer: In the battle of the width, Copa will be the winner undoubtedly. For instance, Copa is wider than Adipures because some athletes’ opinion says that it is narrower and congested compared to Copa which gives an uncomfortable feeling. So, the approval goes toward Copa.

Why Does The Copa Mundial Weigh So Much?

Answer: In actuality, Copa Mundial does not weigh so much, though it is true that it is heavier than modern soccer shoes. Actually, it becomes like a ton of stone when it gets wet. Fortunately or unfortunately, it soaks water as it is not waterproof. It makes no difference feeling the ball when it is wet.