Adidas Copa Mundial Review

Adidas Copa Mundial Review

Finding the right shoes for big-framed and wide-footed soccer players is difficult. Even more so if you require more foot stability. You’d also need to buy the appropriate shoe since you’d be lowering your performance and risking injury if you didn’t.

The Adidas Copa Mundial appears to be a solution to this issue. And we’ll show you how to tell if the Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleats are the best choice for you in our review.

Consider these factors when purchasing Copa Mundial soccer cleats:

Adidas Copa Mundial competition

The Adidas Copa Mundial shoe is primarily intended for athletes with broad feet and those who require stability. It’s also a good choice for individuals who want vintage-style shoes. However, if lightweight and traction are your top priorities in soccer shoes, this shoe is probably not for you.

The following are the most important factors to consider before making a decision:

  1. What kind of ground will you be playing on?
  2. How significant is the weight of your shoes to you?
  3. Do you have a broad or narrow foot profile?
  4. What are your requirements in terms of maneuverability?
  5. What is the Adidas Copa Mundial competition?

What is the Adidas Copa Mundial competition?

The Adidas Copa Mundial shoe is the most recent edition to the wildly famous Copa Mundial soccer shoe series, which dates back to the 1970s. This shoe honors the design choices of vintage Copa Mundial shoes while also incorporating technology developments from previous decades.


  • Feels like high-end leather.
  • The style is vintage.
  • Fit is more generous.
  • The ball has a delicate and subtle feel thanks to the thin leather.
  • Weight distribution over the sole is uniform.


  • Heavier than a normal soccer shoe nowadays.
  • It’s rather large and wide. It’s possible that you’ll need to go down a size to achieve the proper fit.
  • The laces are a little longer than they should be.
  • Because it is not waterproof, it may fill up with water if it rains.

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Advantages and features:

Build in vintage leather:

Build in vintage leather

The design of the Adidas Copa Mundial soccer shoe is the first thing we and many others like about it. This shoe, which is part of the iconic Copa Mundial series, keeps the design of its predecessors. And for many people, this may evoke sentimental emotions.

This shoe’s leather upper sets it apart from the bulk of current footwear. It gives it a more upscale and costly appearance. While modern shoes’ synthetics may outperform leather in terms of performance, they can’t match to the feel of leather.

Aside from appearances, the leather has a significant influence on the Copa Mundial’s success. The ball has a softer and more subtle feel thanks to the thin and soft leather. Because the entire upper is composed of the same leather, the sensation will be consistent throughout the shoe.

Modern soccer shoes are likely to be lighter than Copa Mundial when it comes to weight. This shoe seems a few ounces heavier than a standard contemporary shoe, which might be a significant problem for players who want maximum lightness.

However, if you don’t mind wearing somewhat heavier shoes, the additional weight shouldn’t be an issue.

Wide fit:

The shoe’s second distinguishing characteristic is its broader fit. And for some, this is going to be really significant. Wearing shoes that are too wide or narrow for your foot is bad, and the broader fit of this shoe will likely be ideal for athletes with wide feet.

This isn’t to say that athletes with small feet won’t be able to appreciate the Copa Mundial shoe. They may just need to move down a size or two to achieve the proper fit.

Cushioned midsole and FG outsole:

Cushioned midsole and FG outsole

The outsole of the Adidas Copa Mundial shoe is built for solid natural surfaces. According to studies, ordinary round studs are good for dribbling and rapid maneuvering on the field, but not as effective as bladed studs for dribbling and quick maneuvering.

The round studs also help distribute weight more organically, according to the same study. This is complimented with Adidas’ die-cut EVA midsole, which is meant to distribute pressure uniformly throughout the sole once again.

There is social proof:

Although a single favorable review may be unconvincing, when a large number of individuals praise a soccer shoe, you may be confident that it is actually good.

This was also the situation with the Adidas Copa Mundial. This shoe is widely regarded for its comfort and feel, according to our extensive study. There were some concerns regarding the above-mentioned issues as well, but they aren’t important for this shoe.

User reviews on Amazon’s product page and Adidas’s website, for example, attest to this.

Alternatives to be considered:

PUMA evoTouch 1 FG Soccer Cleats for Men:

 PUMA Men's Evotouch 1 FG Soccer Shoe

The Puma Evotouch 1 FG soccer shoe is a more contemporary leather shoe. This shoe features a slimmer fit and a supportive and comfortable ankle sock. Puma Evotouch 1 FG may be a better choice if you have small feet and don’t care about design.

Differences to look out for:

  • The style is contemporary.
  • Fit is tighter.
  • Ankle sock with a soft feel.

If the Puma Evotouch 1 FG sounds like the shoe for you, be sure to have a look at it.

Nike Magista Obra II FG for Men:

 Nike Mens Magista Obra Ii Fg Black/Black/Total Crimson Soccer Shoes

The higher-end Nike Magista Obra II has a leather and mesh structure that is lighter and more breathable. It also boasts a unique stud pattern, with semi-round studs mixed in with a few bladed studs that should help in dribbling and maneuverability.

Differences to look out for:

  • Leather and mesh construction that is lighter and more breathable.
  • Ankle sock that is tall and supportive.
  • Layout with a lot of studs.

Check out the Nike Magista Obra II if you’re searching for a lighter, more aggressive sneaker.

Men’s Adidas Performance X 16.3 FG Football Boots:

 Adidas Performance Men's X 16.3 Fg Soccer Shoe

The stud profile of the Adidas X 16.3 FG sneaker is somewhat less aggressive than the Nike Magista Obra II. Furthermore, it is a synthetic-made shoe that is less expensive, making it a better choice for people on a budget.

Differences to look out for:

  • Cheaper.
  • Construction is made of synthetic materials.
  • Fit is tighter.
  • The stud arrangement is a little more aggressive this time.

So, if budget is more important to you than comfort and style, consider the Adidas X 16.3 FG.


In soccer shoes, stability and proper fit are critical since they can affect not only your play but also your health. The Copa Mundial shoe delivers consistent and solid foot support thanks to its balanced sole. It also features a wide and spacious design that is ideal for players with wide feet. And don’t forget about the stunning classical design!

Finally, if you believe the Adidas Copa Mundial is the sneaker for you, go here to learn more.

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