Best Wide Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer, like outside soccer, is a game where the correct gear may make or break your performance. Great indoor soccer players like Andrew Hoxie, Rick Greensfelder, Lucas Roque, and others have benefited from wearing the proper indoor soccer shoes.

There are several types and kinds of indoor soccer shoes available, each using a different technology to create their unique look. Wide- and narrow-footed soccer players will appreciate the variety of sizes and widths available.

Soccer shoes that are too small or too large can detract from your game, and poor play can end your career as a soccer player. Inconvenient shoes or badly fitting shoes can cause irritation, blisters, and even damage, even if you aren’t training for a professional soccer career.

For a pleasant soccer game, you need the appropriate equipment, and finding the right fit for players with broad feet might be difficult. So, we decided to look at wide indoor shoes as a possible solution.

We scoured the shoe market and came up with our top picks. We’ve also put up a buying guide for the finest wide indoor soccer shoes, complete with dos and don’ts. We hope that after reading this post, you’ll be well-prepared to go out and find the finest wide indoor soccer shoes for your needs.

It is crucial to keep these things in mind while shopping for soccer shoes if you have broad feet. Find out by reading on!

Wide Indoor Soccer Shoes: A Quick Look at the Top Picks


5 Best-rated wide indoor soccer shoes:

What are the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet? And want to take your game to the next level? Let’s read the full review of these shoes…



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This was my first pair of indoor soccer shoes, and it’s a classic. It’s designed for use on abrasive fields, and its sturdy construction and long-lasting posture inspire confidence in those who use it. Overlays and the iconic 3-stripes are included. Additionally, the pivot-point rubber outsole provides excellent traction on any surface. The shoe’s top portion is made of supple leather and sleek-looking suede. Real leather will stretch as you wear the shoe in. Adidas has been making soccer shoes since they first opened their doors in 1920, and this model is up there with their greatest.


  • Its rubber pivot-point outsole provides excellent traction and control when playing sports.
  • It’s made of leather, so you know it’ll hold up as a reliable wide soccer shoe.
  • Simply having a well-known brand behind you is reassuring.
  • The insole is made of die-cut EVA, so it’s lightweight.
  • It’s a bargain for under $a hundred dollars.
  • The fact that it’s legendary just adds to its appeal, causing it to sell more quickly than similar products in its class.


  • Some people find it unwieldy when compared to other types of footwear.
  • It’s likely that the potential buyer will have to go down a size or two in order to fit properly.
  • The Adidas branding on the bottom of the tongue is missing from the white version.


 adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

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There are several good reasons why these wide indoor soccer shoes are so popular. For with wide feet soccer players, this is a must-have due to the kangaroo leather on the top. The Copa Mundial can be compared as a more sophisticated form of the Samba. The heel is more supportive, the toe is more robust, and the style is more mature. The Copa Mundial, which is held in the open air, is also a favorite of ours. Both of these shoes have become timeless classics throughout the years. As a result of its initial 1979 introduction, this wide indoor soccer shoe has grown in popularity.


  • The shoe’s upper is composed of kangaroo leather for a comfortable fit
  • Dual-density outsole provides additional comfort.
  • It’s extremely long-lasting, which helps the soccer player’s overall performance.
  • It’s lightweight thanks to the insole’s die-cut EVA construction.
  • Despite the classic style, it still looks great on your feet.
  • It’s been around for almost three decades, so you know it’s good.
  • It also has a fantastic feel to it and is built to last.


  • It’s not as flashy as some of the newer models and labels.
  • I don’t like how the laces look; they’re heavy and old-fashioned, like the kind found on work boots.
  • No contemporary technology has been used in the creation of this design.
  • It’s not pleasant to be a victim of a break-in. The first few times you wear them, your feet may hurt, but if you persist with them, you’ll find that they quickly become your favorite pair of
    shoes to wear indoors.

Not statisfied? Read the full review of Adidas Copa Mundial


 KELME Star 360 Mens Michelin Leather Mesh Inset

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A futsal shoe with an eye-catching design. With a classic style and cutting-edge technology, it’s ready for anything. This boot has received a flurry of favorable feedback from soccer fans when it was initially introduced to the market. Many veteran gamers are drawn to it because of the game’s mature appearance.It also has a unique appearance that is a mix of technologically innovative, contemporary, and classic elements. Because of the high quality, it’s a great choice for any serious indoor soccer player looking for the best wide soccer shoes. The Copa Mundial, on the other hand, is regarded as the forefather of all football boots.


  • Built for long-term use, it has the durability and comfort necessary for gaming.
  • It has a leather top and is one of the best wide indoor soccer shoes because of the coverage it gives your feet. The leather material conforms wonderfully to the foot due to the ease with which it molds.
  • When compared to other options, it’s a great value.
  • It has a timeless, classic look and performs well.
  • With regard to its contemporary character, it has a cutting-edge feel.


  • Compared to other big indoor shoe manufacturers, Kelme is a sizable one. As a result, for the best fit, customers should size down by half from their regular size.


 adidas Men's F10 In Indoor Soccer Shoe

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Adidas F10 indoor soccer shoe is available as a synthetic indoor wide soccer shoe. Despite the fact that they’re made of synthetic materials, these shoes will fit your broad feet well. According to, it features a special off-center lacing system that makes it more comfortable and roomier. It also has a new outsole, which gives you the sensation of kicking barefoot. The foot’s flexibility is unrestricted as a result of its design. Despite being made of synthetic materials, the boot may be worn in all kinds of weather.


  • It’s light, and it’s got top-notch performance while yet being really comfortable to wear.
  • It also has a very sophisticated appearance.
  • The touch and the control work well.
  • The top is soft to the touch and doesn’t get in the way when you’re playing.
  • A natural, unbroken, and intimate feeling is provided by the inner sock structure.
  • It’s comfortable to wear and gives off a soft sensation, which helps the player have a better feel for the ball.
  • It also has an Agion-treated inside liner to prevent bacterial development and odor.
  • The non-marking gum-rubber outsole adds to the shoe’s overall longevity.
  • Its longevity and ball contact are both improved by the asymmetrical and higher lacing pattern of the ADAP-LITE.


  • It’s made of synthetic materials, which makes it less likely to fit well and last a long time.


 PUMA Invicto Sala Mens Leather Futsal Soccer Sneakers/Boots

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PUMA products are designed with the soccer player’s fashion and lifestyle in mind. In terms of fundamental characteristics, it is the only indoor soccer shoe that has almost everything for a serious foosball player could possibly need. Naturally tanned suede and genuine leather are used to create this item. As a bonus, it has a very soft feel and touch, which brings the ball even closer to the player. It’s small and light, so moving about is a cinch.


  • Textile and leather are combined to make it durable and long-lasting.
  • It has a very soft feel to it and is intended to give players a better feel for the ball.
  • Rubber toe reinforcement enhances the shoe’s durability.
  • Due to the redesigned low-profile outsole, it has outstanding traction.
  • The sock liner is made of a thin, soft material that may be removed to increase comfort and cushioning.
  • It’s a game changer in terms of both design and technology.
  • Because of the rubber sole, this shoe has more traction and is more comfortable to wear.
  • It can withstand the strain of a soccer match.
  • There will be no sliding to the side.


  • When it comes to leather, there is a break-in period.

Buying Guide For The Best Wide Indoor Soccer Shoes:

Synthetic or leather soccer shoes:

Even while synthetic soccer shoes are excellent, they fall short of leather soccer shoes in terms of durability and comfort. As a result, for maximum longevity and durability, go with a pair of soccer shoes constructed of leather. Soccer shoes for broad feet made of synthetic materials lack elasticity. Wearers may get blisters and other side effects as a result. While synthetic materials are man-made, leather is both natural and flexible. As a result, it has the ability to conform to the contour of the foot, enhancing both comfort and performance. These shoes will be comfortable and prevent injuries from occurring if worn as directed.

If you want to keep a leather shoe looking great, all you have to do is keep it supple and dry. When it comes to synthetic wide indoor soccer shoes, they can quickly be destroyed, but leather wide indoor soccer shoes are not as vulnerable.

In addition, leather is the finest material for people who do not routinely wear soccer shoes. Leather soccer shoes like the Adidas Copa Municipal are hard to get by these days. Even if leather shoes include a foam support cage, the leather can still expand due to the foam’s inability to impede this ability.

Touch, speed, and control:

Additionally, you should think about the amount of control, pace, and touch that the soccer shoes provide. A pair of comfy and well-fitting wide indoor soccer shoes is a must-have. The ideal boots to buy are the traditional leather heritage inspired boots since they suit this description well. These soccer sneakers enhance your agility and control on the field of play.
Also, search for soccer shoes that allow you to move freely while playing the game. In order to have better control, speed, and feel, the boot should be as light as possible.


When looking for the best wide indoor soccer shoes, keep in mind the name of the brand. As a result, it’s easy for those who are purchasing their first pair of wide indoor soccer shoes to become perplexed. Those with large feet should avoid many Adidas boots since they don’t stretch well and are often narrower in design. Nike soccer shoes are known to be unpleasant for people with broad feet, despite the fact that the patterns are stunning. However, unless you’re willing to forgo comfort in favor of a sexier look, you should stay away from them.

Right fit:

When worn, the boot should not be excessively lengthy. You should try on the shoes before spending money on them, so go to a brick-and-mortar store rather than an internet one to get them. A slightly tight pair of shoes is best since leather stretches and softens with wear. Soccer shoes like the Nike Magista Obra/Opus should also be avoided since, despite their attractive design, they are too narrow to suit all feet., on the other hand, recommends the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III and III DF for people with broad feet. Shoelaces that are too tight might cause irritation in your feet.

Return policy:

When trying to choose the best wide indoor soccer shoes, keep the return policies of the manufacturer/sale channel in mind. Various shoe return policies are available, as indicated below:

Exchange only: In the event that your wide indoor soccer shoes are no longer suitable, the retailer or manufacturer may be able to provide you with an alternative pair. The returned pair’s value is nearly always equal to the value of the replacement.

Store credit: You may be eligible for a refund or credit depending on whether you bought your wide indoor soccer shoes from a retailer or a manufacturer. The credit you receive is generally equal to the cost of the soccer shoes you exchanged it for. However, shipping costs are usually not included.

All sales final: To a large extent, this is an as-is policy that benefits the manufacturer or sales outlet at the expense of the client.

Complete refund: Once you’ve purchased the shoes and decided you don’t want them, the retailer/manufacturer will refund your money. If you used a credit card to make the purchase, the retailer will also reimburse you for the transaction costs.

Do not buy wide indoor soccer shoes unless you know how the return policy works. Either the exchange-only policy or the full refund policy is preferable.


So there you have it: the most comfortable wide indoor soccer shoes available anywhere! Although the information and suggestions offered in this article are not exhaustive, they should be adequate to assist you in your quest for high-quality soccer boots that will fit your broad feet correctly.