Top Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups For Week 2

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire

Fantasy football waiver wire is undoubtedly familiar to football fans. But, are you certain you’ve grasped the meaning? What fantasy football players should you be adding to your team in Week 2? So, let’s go on an adventure with Scott Fujita and find out more.

What Is Waiver Wire Fantasy Football?

Players who were not “drafted” by league clubs might be selected via the waiver wire by fantasy managers. When it comes to the NFL season, anything can happen. Many players are doing better or worse than they had hoped for. It’s possible for fantasy managers to fix selection blunders by using the waiver wire.

How Does Waiver Wire Fantasy Football Work?

Most fantasy owners will make adjustments to their teams for the upcoming week at the end of this week. Players that did not get “drafted” will be placed on waivers. The manager of another team might then make a request to sign one of the players from that other club.

Picking up fantasy football players isn’t easy when there are a lot of people vying for the same one.

Depending on the waiver sequence, this player might be sent to any one of the other 32 teams. The order in which players are placed on waivers at the start of the regular season is determined by the draft order.

Draft order determines which club gets to select the player first. An owner’s contract with a player pushes the other players in line behind that player.

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups: Top Waiver Pickups Fantasy Football In Week 2

In 2021, these are some of the best fantasy football players to target:

1. Elijah Mitchell, Rb, San Francisco 49ers(4,4%)

Elijah Mitchell, Rb, San Francisco 49ers
Elijah Mitchell was rushing 19 times for 104 yards and got a touchdown in Week 1 

The San Francisco 49ers’ first week is “set” to be an interesting one. Trey Sermon, a possible Raheem Mostert replacement, was not on the field for kickoff.

As a result, Mitchell took up the bulk of the workload after Mostert was killed. In particular, his 19 running attempts for 104 yards and one score accounted for an outstanding showing.

Because of a knee injury, several unofficial sources say Mostert will be sidelined for eight weeks. As a result, Mitchell may serve as the captain until Sermon returns.

2. Sterling Shepard, Wr, New York Giants(31.4%)

During New York’s battle with the Denver Broncos, Sterling Shepard caught seven goals for 113 yards and a touchdown. 

Sterling Shepard hauled in seven passes for 113 yards and a score as the New York Giants battled the Denver Broncos.

Only 31.4% of tournaments include Sterling Shepard as a “featured” player; he should be among the players that owners hurry to get this week.

3. Christian Kirk, Wr, Arizona Cardinals (8.3%)

Christian Kirk, Wr, Arizona Cardinals
Christian completed the Tennessee Titans’ journey with five 70-yard touches and two touchdowns. 

With so many weapons, Arizona’s offense will provide fantasy owners with many nice days this season.

Owners’ second-round pick following DeAndre Hopkins was on display for all to see during Week 1.

Christian finished the game for the Titans with five catches for 70 yards and two scores. While Rondale Moore and AJ Green have more tournament entries, this player has competed in 92.2% of them.

4. Mark Ingram, Rb, Houston Texans (15.5%)

Mark Ingram, Rb, Houston Texans
Mark Ingram led Houston Texans running backs in the snap count with 35 over Johnson, Lindsay, and Rex Burkhead 

Many of us are curious as to who will be the primary backfield quarterback in Houston. Despite the fact that all three running backs scored, Mark Ingram was the one who saw the most action.

Houston Texans running back Mark Ingram had 26 carries against the Jaguars to lead the team. Phillip Lindsay comes in second with eight carries, while David Johnson only got three.

At the age of 31, Mark Ingram can’t keep up with his current workload. In spite of this, the athlete is deserving of a possible first-round choice in the NFL draft.

5. Zach Pascal, Wr, Indianapolis Colts (1,7%) 

Zach Pascal, Wr, Indianapolis Colts
In Week 1, Zach Pascal featured in just 1.7% of the league, but he scored four receptions for 43 yards and two touchdowns

TY Hilton, as we all know, was out with a neck injury and unable to work. As a result, the wide receivers on the Colts have had some early-season opportunity to start.

Although Zach Pascal played in just a sliver of the league’s snaps in Week 1, his 43 receiving yards and two touchdowns put him in the end zone.

When Carson Wentz lands in Indianapolis in 2021, he will provide a fresh start for all of the city’s wide receivers. So far in Week 1, Zach Pascal appears to be the quarterback’s go-to option in the red zone.

6. Jameis Winston, Qb, New Orleans Saints (34.6%)

Jameis Winston, Qb, New Orleans Saints
Jameis led the Saints to a dominant victory over the Packers in rather difficult circumstances

The New Orleans Saints were led by Jameis Winston to a convincing victory over the Green Bay Packers despite the adversity they faced. In addition, he was outstanding as a midfielder against Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay’s defense allowed Jameis Winston to throw five touchdown passes.

In 65.8% of leagues, Jameis Winston may be found. His team’s next three games include games against the Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, and New York Giants.. However, none of the games were particularly difficult. 

7. Jared Goff, Qb, Detroit Lions (6.3%)

Jared Goff, Qb, Detroit Lions
Jared Goff appeared in 93.7% of tournaments, throwing for 338 yards and three touchdowns

After a thrilling first week, the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers went head-to-head in Week 2. Detroit Lions showed some promise despite losing to the San Francisco 49ers.

Jared Goff took part in 93.7 percent of the tournaments and threw for 338 yards and three touchdowns in his time on the field.

8. Juwan Johnson, Tight Ends, New Orleans Saints (5.7%)

Juwan Johnson, Tight Ends, New Orleans Saints
Juwan Johnson scored three 21-yard contacts and two touchdowns in the game against the Packers

In a dominant performance against the Packers, Juwan Johnson hauled in three 21-yard receptions for a total of two touchdowns. This player may be found in 94,3% of leagues.

Trautman is expected to return from injury at some time, even though he is capable of taking over as the team’s top tight end once again. Juwan Johnson, on the other hand, appears to be the one in command of Winston’s red zone right now.

9. Wr Nelson Agholor, New England Patriots (33 %)

Wr Nelson Agholor, New England Patriots
WR Nelson Agholor made five passes for 72 yards and a touchdown in the loss to the Miami Dolphins

In the defeat to the Miami Dolphins, wide receiver Nelson Agholor caught five receptions for 72 yards and one score.

Many owners will be interested to see how Mac Jones does in his first season as a center. The leading signal-caller choices appear to be Nelson and Jakobi Meyers (9 targets).

Week 2’s game pits the New England Patriots against the New York Jets, who are led by wide receiver Nelson Agholor. For the most part, their players were effective against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

10. Pharoah Brown, Te, Houston Texans (0.0%) 

Pharoah Brown, Te, Houston Texans
Pharoah Brown brought in four receptions for 67 yards in excellent form

Pharoah Brown hauled in four passes for 67 yards and showed no signs of slowing down. Players who can retain their form while throwing in a touchdown now and again will be considered viable options in the future.

11. Wr Tim Patrick, Denver Broncos (1 %)

Wr Tim Patrick, Denver Broncos
Tim Patrick and Broncos will face the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 2

Jerry Jeudy will be forced to miss a lot of games due to injury. Specifically, this guy was injured against the New York Giants on Sunday, suffering a high ankle sprain.

In the event that Jeudy is sidelined for an extended period of time, Tim Patrick will likely get more playing time in the passing game. Week 1 saw Tim Patrick put forth a strong showing. To his surprise, he went beyond his 40-yard touchdown goal by beating all four of his attempts.

The Denver Broncos will play the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 14 next year. The Jaguars allowed 37 points against the Houston Texans and their quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who is now in his second season.

Take a look at Tim Patrick’s impressive Week 1 performance in the video below.

Questions That Are Regularly Asked

The following are some frequently asked questions, along with their respective answers:

1. Wide Receiver – What Is It?

There is a significant role for the wide receiver. The wide receivers are in charge of catching quarterback throws.

As a result, on passing plays, the wide receiver will attempt to escape or outpace the cornerbacks or safeties assigned to cover him.. A quarterback may send a ball to a wide receiver if he gets open on his pass route.

2. What’s The Difference Between Waivers And Free Agents?

Teams can sign a free agent immediately once they become available. Fantasy football waiver-wire pick-ups provide clubs a fair way to acquire players.

To put it another way, the NFL’s fantasy football waiver wire gives all teams an equal chance to attempt and acquire a new player. This means that teams must instead submit a waiver claim for a particular player.

3. Are Yahoo Leagues Free?

Anyone can join these Yahoo leagues if they so desire. In essence, you’re free to join a public league.


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