Top Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups For Week 2

Maybe you never knew that Fantasy football is interesting until you heard it from a friend. Well, you don’t have to listen to what people say anymore. There are a lot of things to watch in this game, ranging from how the players pump their muscles onto the ball to the way the match is organized.

Pickups are made from the first week games, proceeding to week two. Injuries remain challenging, but if your team emerges healthy, try to embrace improvements and everything will run smoothly. Here is a comprehensive article that contains a wide list of Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups for week 2.

This report will help you to choose suitable fantasy football waiver wire pickups that can make your team unbeatable in the forthcoming games. Before we do anything, it’s advisable to have some basic knowledge about Fantasy games.

What Is Waiver Wire Fantasy Football?

The waiver wire gives Fantasy managers a chance to “draft” players that were left out by some teams in the league. It’s not easy to predict NFL seasons as some players’ fitness may improve while others drop. However, the waiver wire is impressive since managers can now work on the mistakes made during the drafting.

How Does Waiver Wire Fantasy Football Work?

During the weekends, most fantasy managers would wish to make some changes, reshuffling their teams for the next week. Players who were not recruited by some teams tend to go to the waiver wire and a manager from a different club has a right to request and sign these players. However, sometimes managers may have conflicting interests over a certain player.

Who should win against such a player? Well, in such a situation, the waiver wire comes in to determine the right team to own the player. The draft order determines the waiver order from the start of a normal season. The last team to make a pickup is possible to win the player first. When the manager signs a contract with the player, such a player goes to the back of the order.

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups: Top Waiver Pickups Fantasy Football In Week 2

Have a look at this list of top fantasy football waiver wire pickups for week 2


Elijah Mitchell, Rb, San Francisco 49ers
Elijah Mitchell was rushing 19 times for 104 yards and got a touchdown in Week 1 

For Fantasy football lovers, Mitchell remains one of the decorated fantasy football’s free agent pickups. In the first week, we saw Trey Sermon going down, forcing Elijah Mitchell to pick up the role and assist his team (San Francisco 49ers). The lad has had incredible performance, full of admirable skills.

Making more than 18 stretches for 104 yards to get a touchdown is not a joke. A clap is not enough for this folk. Based on reliable sources, Raheem Mostert is likely to be out of the field for not less than seven weeks due to a knee injury. For this reason, Elijah Mitchell will be trying to prove he is the best, as we wait for Trey Sermon.


During New York’s battle with the Denver Broncos, Sterling Shepard caught seven goals for 113 yards and a touchdown. 

Here is another top-rated player when it comes to fantasy football. He proved he is the best when his team (New York Giants) faced the Denver Broncos. It was unbelievable since this lad was able to get a touchdown, scoring seven goals for only 113 yards. Additionally, Sterling Shepard accrued 31.4% involvements; he is among those players that managers need to consider buying this week.

He makes the best player for a team that is scarce of goals. The speed, ball control skills and ability to score makes him outstanding in the market. Find a place to fix this player and never regret.


Christian Kirk, Wr, Arizona Cardinals
Christian completed the Tennessee Titans’ journey with five 70-yard touches and two touchdowns. 

You don’t have to underestimate Christian Kirk’s performance. In the first week games, the player made five receptions with five targets. Additionally, he was able to make 70-yard touches plus two touchdowns during the Tennessee Titan’s journey.

With the weapons the Arizona Cardinals possess, I am right to say that many managers will have great days in this season. However, you should be careful with this player since he is a boom-or-bust fantasy; that’s based on the history. He finished third, though he received second-most yards.


Mark Ingram, Rb, Houston Texans
Mark Ingram led Houston Texans running backs in the snap count with 35 over Johnson, Lindsay, and Rex Burkhead

You are unsatisfied with the above players; give a trial to Mark Ingram. It’s difficult to make a choice on who is the best player in Houston’s backfield because all the backs scored in the first week. This performance has posed a challenge to many owners to decide on whether to buy Mark Ingram or not.

However, when we consider the number of carries, Mark Ingram got the most. He achieved this when his team (Houston Texans) was playing with the Jaguars. The lad made 26 carries, followed by Phillip Lindsay who got 8 carries. The third position was grabbed by David Johnson who made only 3 rush attempts. This is a clear indication that Mark Ingram deserves consideration.


Zach Pascal, Wr, Indianapolis Colts
In Week 1, Zach Pascal featured in just 1.7% of the league, but he scored four receptions for 43 yards and two touchdowns

In week one, Zach Pascal stood to be fantasy-relevant with his performance and capabilities; he is a feasible option. I say so because he successfully caught 4 passes for 43 yards. More so, he was able to make two touchdowns when his team (Indianapolis Colts) was playing against Seattle.

Many people were looking to Paris Campbell or Pittman, but Zach Pascal will be remembered for his incredible skills. With only 1.7% involvement in the league, this lad has shown outstanding capabilities that every manager has to consider.


Jameis Winston, Qb, New Orleans Saints
Jameis led the Saints to a dominant victory over the Packers in rather difficult circumstances

The New Orleans Saints dominance over the Green Bay Packers was because of Jameis Winston’s efforts. His skills and efforts helped the team to win despite the game being difficult. The manager used him as a midfielder and his performance was excellent when they were playing with Aaron Rodgers.

He threw 5 touchdowns against the ‘berlin wall’ of Green Bay.


Jared Goff, Qb, Detroit Lions
Jared Goff appeared in 93.7% of tournaments, throwing for 338 yards and three touchdowns

With only 6.3% involvement in the first week, Jared Goff was able to show his capabilities when his team (Detroit Lions) played against San Francisco 49ers. Despite losing the game, the Detroit Lions’ performance was classy.

The lad has been involved in 93.7% tournaments, making three touchdowns for 338 yards. The skills in this folk are worth investing in; that’s if you want to have an active Fantasy team.


Juwan Johnson, Tight Ends, New Orleans Saints
Juwan Johnson scored three 21-yard contacts and two touchdowns in the game against the Packers

The New Orleans Saints are famous for nurturing sharp talents and here is one of their projects that you as a manager should consider. Juwan Johnson emerges as the best breakout TEs every year. In week 1, he had two TDs when his team (New Orleans Saints) was playing against the Packers.

He achieved three catches while Adam Trautman (teammate) got six catches, but Juwan is valuable because he’s just a primary TE.


Wr Nelson Agholor, New England Patriots
WR Nelson Agholor made five passes for 72 yards and a touchdown in the loss to the Miami Dolphins

When a team loses a game, it doesn’t mean that all players are bad; no, we have some that are reputable. The Miami Dolphins brought the New England Patriots to their knees, but Wr Nelson Agholor showed a classy performance. The folk succeeded in making 5 passes for 72 yards with a touchdown.

In week 2, Wr Nelson Agholor is the man to watch when the New England Patriots play against the New York Jets.


Pharoah Brown, Te, Houston Texans
Pharoah Brown brought in four receptions for 67 yards in excellent form

Here is a player that is trying to find his way to the top of the list. He achieved 4 receptions for only 67 yards. The lad was in his excellent form and if he continues with this form, he will get a touchdown which will eventually make him a viable option.

In short, this is a player to watch in the Fantasy Football waiver wire pickups for week 2.


Wr Tim Patrick, Denver Broncos
Tim Patrick and Broncos will face the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 2

The last player on our list is the Wr Tim Patrick who makes the best and dependable substitute for Jerry Jeudy. In the first week, Jeudy suffered an ankle injury when the Denver Broncos faced the New York Giants. He is therefore likely to stay out of the field for more games, giving Wr Tim Patrick enough time to show out his skills.

Patrick had an incredible performance in the first week, making a touchdown and four targets for only 39 yards. In week 2, Patrick is the man to watch when the Denver Broncos play against JacksonVille Jaguars.

Questions That Are Regularly Asked

The following are some frequently asked questions, along with their respective answers:

1. Wide Receiver – What Is It?

There is a significant role for the wide receiver. The wide receivers are in charge of catching quarterback throws.

As a result, on passing plays, the wide receiver will attempt to escape or outpace the cornerbacks or safeties assigned to cover him.. A quarterback may send a ball to a wide receiver if he gets open on his pass route.

2. What’s The Difference Between Waivers And Free Agents?

Any team is allowed to sign a free agent straightaway since Fantasy football gives them equal chances. Teams should therefore present a waiver claim over a player instead.

3. Are Yahoo Leagues Free?

Yes, they are open and free to anyone as long as you sign up.


With the help of this article I believe that you now know better about the fantasy football waiver wire. The list is wide to help you pick the right player for your fantasy team.